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Wirral Open Studio Tour 2011

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Hundreds of our visitors were kind enough to leave feedback on 2011's Wirral Open Studio Tour. We include here just a small, representative selection.

"Excellent exhibitions. Thoroughly enjoyed. What talent!"
JM, West Kirby

"It was wonderful to see the unique pieces of artwork. I hope to see more in the future."
SM, address unknown

"Great, having a brilliant day."
MR, Bebington

"Fantastic stuff. Such talent!"
SH, Bebington

"Excellent display - work is of the highest standard."
CB, West Kirby

"Wonderful idea."
RS, Irby

"Wonderful range of skills."
IC, West Kirby

"Very glad this has been offered - energising and inspiring."
EM, Irby

"Very inspiring. Really enjoyed speaking to artist."
GW, address unknown

"Fantastic exhibition & so enjoyable to meet & talk with the artists. Most worthwhile - congratulations."
MC, Hoylake

"An excellent initiative that deserves support."
TR, Hoylake

"Exciting to see so much local talent."
SR, Hoylake

"Great idea to see people at their work - really inspiring talent about. Thanks."
HP, Bromborough

"A wonderful idea - let us see it repeated year by year."
ED, Hoylake

"Enjoyed seeing the range of work - but especially openness of artists to talk about their work."


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