Tommy McHugh

One of our most loved Artists is Tommy McHugh, an absolute genius in the Art World.

We fondly remember some of Tommy’s quotes such as “I am named Tommy McHugh but my brain doesn’t know Tommy McHugh”

One of Tommy’s recollections after his illness, was very elegantly laid to bare with the following passage:

“I was sitting on the toilet. I suddenly felt an explosion in the left side of my head and ended up on the floor. I think the only thing that kept me conscious was that I didn’t want to be found with my pants down. Then the other side of my head went bang! I woke up in hospital and looked out of the window to see the tree was sprouting numbers. 3, 6, 9. Then I started talking in rhyme…”

Sometimes our Lord works in Mysterious ways.  Tommy changed after his stroke, and developed the view that he did not want his old mind back. He was quoted as saying that his two strokes had provided 11 years of adventure that was magnificent.  The Art world with remain indebted to Tommy McHugh who graced us with some wonderful work.

He was also a very good Poet, providing the world with even more Artistic flair with classics such as:

I am climbing the mountains…

I am climbing the mountains inside my mind

Slipping and sliding walking blind

I sense understanding is waiting there

Inside the chasms of mystery under my hair

I am endlessly climbing to reach the Tor

As I sit writing this on my living room floor

An avalanche of emotions waters my eyes

As yesterdays memories become clouds in the sky

The wind is blowing the Tor is near

Understanding is close I have no fear

Here we go can’t wait to see

What reaching the top will reveal to me

Slipping and sliding walking blind

I am climbing the mountains inside my mind


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