Disseminating Dress Art

Men and women have always sought out and been instructed in what they could or should wear; forming personal, social and cultural aesthetics, as well as driving trade and mercantile success.

The Wirral Artists wanted to explore a broad view of disseminating dress throughout history, drawing on work from a wide array of disciplines and professional viewpoints.

The main objective is to look at how academics, curators, industry professionals and students think about fashion and clothing.

A fantastic example of Vintage style clothing can be found below, with an exquisite example of a vintage button.

Please take a look at the Wirral Art teams favorite vintage and generally interesting clothing images below.

A Vintage Ladies full outfit

Vintage Blouse – Superb Colors

A vibrant Vintage Pose with a Vintage Car

A great example of a Vintage Dress Collar

An interesting and vibrant Selection of Vintage Logos and Emblems

A great example of a floral shirt of the vintage era

A wonderful women’s great outfit in a classic Vintage style

This is a really good example of a timeless fashion piece, that will live on and on within the fashion industry. All of the Wirral Art team voted this outfit one of the best examples of classic vintage design that can be worn in almost any era.

A wonderful example of Vintage Denim

A selection of Vintage clothing buttons

A great example of a brown Vintage sign

Vintage Clothing Equipment examples

The Vintage patterns have been reused within the fashion industry for decades due to its popularity. James our senior art at Wirral Art has added his favorite vintage floral design below.

A cool looking Retro Vintage Image

A great example of Disseminating Dress Fashion has been added below.  With thanks to York University who hosts the image.

Check out the New York’s most exclusive vintage clothing shop that sells rare vintage fashion below.

Please browse some highly recommended Vintage Clothing resources below, for more detailed knowledge.

Liverpool Fashion Museum – Fashion Section

Marie Claire Vintage Clothing Resources

The Wirral Art team will be adding more images and information to this page on a regular basis, so please check back soon.