Music Technology In 2024

The Wirral Arts team have compiled some information regarding “Music Technology In 2024”.  As Music is a fantastic way to demonstrate a persons emotions and expressions, it is a form of Art in its own right.  Technology has made Music and Art much more accessible to people of all ages, so we have opted to take a fresh look at what is available.

Music Apps – Iphone

The Iphone in recent years has had the adverse effect of taking over the portable music industry and over shadowing its sister device the Ipod as using your smart phone for all your music needs is much easier to manage as many people always have their phones on them. With this in mind we have seen an increased number of music based applications become available for this device and due to this fact our team here at Mobile Reviews have chosen to review as many of these apps as possible.

We aim to provide you with only the very best and most accurate information on all the available apps in this genre and have scored each one on its ease of use, quality and overall performance. The first app that we would like to inform you of as it is so good is the all new Last FM Music App which allows its users to access a wide variety of the latest radio stations and broadcasts from their mobile device. The music app also allows its users to purchase and then listen to music from iTunes and other online music stores which can be placed in play lists and tagged in many social networking posts like Facebook or Myspace.

Another great Music App that we found during our reviewing process was the Shazam Music App which allows its users to participate in one of the most useful functions you will ever find on any app. Users who require to know the name of a song but cannot find it anywhere can now use this innovative app to find out exactly what the songs name is and who it has been sung by. All the user needs to do is to activate the app and then play the song via your stereo speakers into the Iphones microphone and then the app will immediately get to work to find out all the details you require. Why not take up a Music Degree course at Bangor University, one of the leading UK based Universities.  Other more advanced courses are available too, such as the MA in Music.

Take a look at these Free Music Lessons below:

The next Music App we thought should be on this list is the Ocarina Music App which has been touted as possibly the very best app of its kind ever to be created due to its extensive and extremely useful functions. The app allows its users to play a wide variety of musical instruments by simply using their touch screen to recreate drum hits and so on. The music created can then be recorded and played back as many time as you wish and can be further edited if you so wish to. The app provides extensive musical instruments such as the trombone, flute, drums, guitar, trumpet and much more. This app is extremely exciting and fun to use and we found that once we had started to make music we simply could not stop it was that good and this is why we rate it so highly on our list.

The final music based application we felt deserved to be on our list but by no means least is the AOL Radio App which has seen a huge amount of success ever since it was first released onto the market. With the backing of the huge company that is AOL this app offers one of the most comprehensive coverage’s of radio stations and music channels we have ever seen on a mobile application. This Music App allows users to access over one hundred and fifty international radio stations from wherever they are in the world which is very beneficial for those on the move all the time. The app provides over twenty five different genres for the user to take advantage of where they can simply select the genre they wish and then away they go with the music they love. The app itself is very easy to use and get to grips with as well as being extremely stylish throughout.

The above Music Apps are what we think the best on offer to you all as of today and after we had reviewed them we thought we just had to include them on our list.