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Fine art by artists based on the Wirral Peninsula, UK, incorporating the Wirral Open Studio Tour
Wirral Open Studio Tour

Wirral Open Studio Tour 2014

The next Wirral Open Studio Tour is due to take place over the weekend of 14th-15th June 2014.

Wirral Open Studio Tour 2013 was held over the weekend of 15th-16th June 2013. 38 artists across the Wirral peninsula opened their studios and working spaces to the public.

The open studio tour is an event in which artists invite the public to visit their workshops and display spaces. It's an excellent opportunity to talk first-hand to the artists and to view their work in the environment in which it was created, to participate in free workshops led by the artists or to just enjoy having a nosey through the various venues.

The Wirral is in north west England, sandwiched between the River Dee/North Wales to the south west, and the River Mersey/Liverpool to the north east.


Wirral Art

Wirral Open Studio Tour

The next Wirral Open Studio Tour will take place over the weekend of 14-15 June 2014.
A report on our 2013 tour...


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