HD Wallpapers

We decided that it would be a great idea to start compiling our favourite High Definition Wallpapers now that 2019 is almost over.

The main aim is to highlight some of the finest HD Wallpapers and submit them on the Wirral Art website as “Pieces of Art”.  As wallpapers are image based, we cant see any reason not to treat them like any other piece of Art and ensure they are included on our online resources.

  1. Grey Ferrari

The Likable Sport Grey Ferrari Enzo With Orange Velg And Black Tyres, With 2 Doors Open From The Driver And Passenger.

2. The White GTO Ferrari

The Delectable White Ferrari GTO With Blue Stripes Lines In Cap Body Front With Luxury Velg Tire

3. Red Ferrari & Helicopter

The gorgeous Ferrari LaFerrari departing from an Army Helicopter.

4. Yellow Ferrari

The Delightful Yellow Ferrari Enzo.

5. White Ferrari

The Captivating White Ferrari 458 Sport Car with Black Round Tyres.

6. A wonderful photo of a beautiful Waterfall

A stunning image, highlighting the wonders of nature.  A simply wondefull capture of a waterfall, surrounded by the Jungle.

7. Thomas Muller – German Footballer

Thomas Muller, a German footballer who was the top scorer in the FIFA World Cup in 2014.

9. Ronaldo

The Astounding Ronaldo celebrating his goal in the Spanish BBVA League.