Football Art

The Wirral Art team have decided to showcase some of the fantastic Art Work related to the sport of Football.

Firstly we have added a few Football Stadiums for you to peruse that our resident Artists have shortlised.

  1. A simply sublime example of one of the most unique Football pitches in the World:

football pitch norway

2. A fantastic piece of modern Art can be viewed in the Football Stadium example below:

Wonderful Football Ground

3. A wonderful Aerial example of the Barcelona Stadium has been added below

Aerial Image Barcelona Football Club

If you would like to look at more images of the Barcelona stadium, please visit the website here:

4. A great photograph of a Football Stadium built next to the Ocean can be viewed below:

Football Ground Near The Ocean

5. A superb example of a beautifully captured moment inside a football stadium. The picture looks fantastic in black and white.

black white football ground

We have added a great Video below of a Football Fan visiting every Premier League ground in the UK.  He has to visit them all within 24 Hours and do Kick Ups, we hope you enjoy watching this.

6. Brighton & Hove Albion  Football Stadium Images

7. A simple piece of Art work relating to a Football Accumulator information website has been added below:

The basic idea behind the Football Accumulator bet is quite simple. You need to place bets on multiple events, each bet is called a leg. Accumulator bets have the potential to win you a big reward, but there is a catch. You need to guess all the legs accurately to win the accumulator bet. So there is no room for error, one wrong guess and you can lose all your money.

More details can be found on their website here:

8. Football Imagery In general

We have added some great examples of Football Ground related imagery below.

football ground lights Football Ground Aerial football fans

Football Ground

Other resources of interest can be found on the BT Sport website and other BT resources and SkySports Football pages.