Bingo Art Work

The Wirral Art team have noticed that there seem to be more people playing Bingo Online in the last 12 months than ever before.  Is it the Pandemic and temporary closure of Bingo Halls? Or the amount of people at home? One thing is for sure, it has seem a huge boost in popularity.

The team of inhouse Studio Artists at WirralArt have decided to feature some of the more interesting Bingo images. They represent a different type of Artistic flair that we believe deserves the right to be feature on our Award Winning Artist Portal.

Please browse through our shortlisted Bingo themed pieces of Art work below.

  1. A fabulous Golden Bingo Game Sign

Gold Bingo Game Sign Example

2. A Vibrant Purple coloured Bingo Game Explosive image example

Purple Example Bingo Image

3. Lets play Bingo! – A great timeless example of Bingo Art work,  an old school bingo card selection

4. A fantastic example of “Film” themed Bingo Art work

5. A Stylish Comic Themed Example of some cool Bingo Art work

6 A classic example of Traditional Bingo Game artwork

Interesting Facts:

The Bingo industry plays important role in economy – In the UK, the National Bingo Game is one of the largest computer-controlled games in which over 500 clubs participate every day. There are over 650 registered bingo clubs in the UK. The National Bingo Games have distributed over £1Billion prize money in the country. There are over 20 thousands UK citizens employed in the local bingo industry. There are some pretty useful Comparision websites available online such as Bingo Power

7. A variety of Bingo Ball Art work – With shooting stars

8. A funky example of a Retro themed Bingo image with a cool firework theme Kapow effect.

9. A pretty cool looking Bingo Logo with a fresh layout an design – Copyright with Safari Bingo.

Safari Bingo Logo

10. A great Blue themed Bingo Game example to complete our Top 10 Bingo themed pieces of Artwork

As always please feel free to email in any suggestions and or feedback on these examples of Bingo Artwork.

One such suggestion is this iconic image of a boy outside a Bingo Parlour in the 1970’s