Snowdon Mountain

We have some wonderful images taken whilst on a walk up Snowdon Mountain In North Wales yesterday.  The wonderful imagery was taken by one of the Wirral Art’s family members, whilst exploring the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Whilst we normally feature Art and other contemporary pieces of sculpture, we also appreciate the wonders of this Earths Natural Art. The image below, offers a spectacular view of the actual view down the Snowdon Valley.  To capture Art in Life like this is simply breathtaking and we just had to share this with all of our Artists around the world.  If you are looking for inspiration in your own Paintings of Natural Scenery, then this is probably the best you can get.

View Down the Snowdon Valley

Below is a wonderful capture of the Natural View from the Summit of Snowdon, available to anyone who climbs the Welsh Mountain.  The view is out of this world, and provides a wide view of the surrounding natural beauty.  Note the contrast of natural greens and blues as well as the blend of clouds gracefully seated above.  This is a superb example of Natural Art, and deserves to be shared with all of our readers and subscribers.

Snowdon View From The Top

We have added some other images taken from the Snowdon Mountain below for your perusal:

snowdon mountain gateway

Snowdon Path

The image below captures some of the beautiful welsh lakes that sit beneath the breathtaking Snowdonia Countryside.  They really are some of the finest examples of natural untouched welsh beauty. We urge all of our Artists to consider visiting this amazing countryside, in order to gain more inspiration in your Art.

Snowdon Mountatin View

A big thank you to Osian for taking his time in providing these amazing images.