Artists Brushes

The Wirral Art team have captured a fantastic example of a typical Artists Palette.  A wide selection of colors have been mixed into the Palette, demonstrating the “Work In Progress” of the artists tools.  We especially love the contrast of colors in this raw and highly effective example of “Art”.  Not all artwork has to be based on a still picture or a life drawing, it can be the simplest of things that bring out true Art in its natural form.

The picture highlights the array of used tools and paints in a truly inspiring and authentic way.  A true masterpiece in its own right, which excludes the “Art Work” that the artist was creating with the paint brushes and paints.

paint brushes

This really is one of the Wirral Art teams favorite images of 2020, it is not hard to see why.  The old style worn out brushes offer an insight into the dedication and commitment that this Artist has show in order to attain the vintage look.  There is little doubt on first viewing, that this palette belongs to someone who enjoys Art and knows what they are doing.

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