Chemistry Imagery

The team wanted to share a pretty cool looking set of Chemistry themed images.  We found these images whilst working on a commissioned piece of Art work for a local educational establishment.

Firstly take a look at the effective squared background, encompassing all that is “Educational” and “Scientific” in a simplistic manner.  All of the images appear to be naturally placed together, as if they belong on the same piece of work, which in fact is not the case.  Some of our team have stated it looks like a “Mad Professors” workings out, for some elaborate “Formula”.

In fact its main purpose is to educate and inform, although we prefer to look at this as fantastic “Chemistry Imagery & Artwork”.

The use of blue is actually quite important, as it highlights the use of a pen, as a typical student would use.

Art is always subjective and reflects what the eye of the beholder see’s. In this instance, some may look at this as a standard drawing, others of a more subliminal stance, would really go to down on the meaning behind each and every element.

The Wirral Art team look at this as “Unique &”Refreshing” art, open to the world in terms of there interpretation.