Vegas Casino

A wonderful example of a vibrant brand identity for an online casino house.

The graphic designers at Wirral Art have showcased this fantastic logo due to its innovative design and color scheme. The elegant wing effect is quite stunning and effective on the eye.

We particularly like the Vegas themed image that has been cleverly constructed into a cool looking piece of Art work.  Whilst we appreciate not everyone looks at Brand logos as Art, however our team look at every graphical representation as potential Art work.  Most professional digital graphic designers take just as long making a brand image, as a watercolor artist would do so creating a painting.  In fact some would say the marketing element of creating a brand and the artwork is more complex, especially in terms of identity and the product messaging etc.

This cool looking image for VegasCasino is quite simply a masterpiece in its own right.  The beautiful color scheme is very easy on the eye and offers a feel good factor that most brand images dont have.  In addition the dotted structure of the surround, is actually very clever, as it represents a typical Las Vegas sign, without the flashing casino lights.

Vegas Casino Logo

There is another great representation of the Vegas Casino graphical identity, we have added this below:

The interesting and quite innovative element in the above image is the “What Happens In Vegas, Happens here” message.  This is quite unusual and as far as we are aware is pretty unique within the casino industry.  We have to take our hats off to the people involved in creating the art work for Vegas Casino, they clearly are very talented individuals.

So if you are in Norway, Germany, Finland, Canada, New Zealand or the UK, why not take a look at there onsite imagery too.